UK Maths and Digital Technology Survey

This survey is collecting information on how digital technologies are being used by teachers of mathematics and numeracy in UK schools, colleges and early years settings. It is being conducted by the Joint Mathematical Council, which represents all of the mathematics organisations across the four nations, to inform our advice to policy makers. 

By technology, we mean all types of digital devices, software, applications, platforms, online resources and tasks that might be used to support the teaching and learning of maths.

The survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

All responses are anonymous. As you are not required to submit personal data or contact details, it will not be possible to withdraw your responses. 

If you are willing to be contacted by the research team, you are invited to provide a name and contact email address on the final page of the survey. If you choose to do this, your personal information will only be used by the team to contact you. Your response to the survey will remain completely anonymous in any subsequent reporting.

Please contact Alison Clark-Wilson ( if you have any questions about the survey.

Thank you for your time.

By completing the survey, you consent for your responses to be used by the research team and other researchers in associated reports and presentations. ​Please do not include any information that might identify your learners or educational setting.

Research Ethics

Ethical Approval for the survey has been given by the UCL IOE Ethics Committee (REC1656) and the project is registered in line with UCL's Data Protection Policy (No Z6364106/2022/05/99 social research).

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