Page 1: Information for participants

Many thanks for your interest in completing this survey for the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s study into teaching about the Holocaust in GCSE and A Level History. Before completing the survey please read this information carefully. When you begin the survey, you will be presented with a series of consent questions to enable you to indicate if and how you want your responses used in the research.

The survey

Many of the questions are multiple choice but there are also opportunities for you to elaborate using the textboxes and open-ended questions. The survey will take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, dependent on the level of detail you wish to give in your answers. You can skip any questions you do not want to answer. The questions will explore:

  • Which specifications you teach at GCSE and A Level which cover the Holocaust, or Holocaust related topics.
  • How much teaching time you spend teaching about the Holocaust at GCSE or A Level.
  • What content you cover when teaching about the Holocaust at GCSE or A Level.
  • Any challenges that you may have faced when teaching about the Holocaust at GCSE or A Level.
  • How confident you feel when teaching about the Holocaust at GCSE or A Level.
  • What support or resources you find / might find particularly useful when teaching about the Holocaust at GCSE or A Level.

The survey also includes a small number of questions which ask about you. Specifically, these are questions asking how long you have been teaching, the type of school that you teach in and the position that you hold within your school. This is to help us to identify if there are any specific needs relating to length of teaching experience or school context. As this is non identifiable data and the survey is anonymous GDPR does not apply.

The survey is hosted by JISC online surveys, but the data is owned by the survey creator (so the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education).

The possible disadvantages and risks of taking part

We don’t anticipate any risk to you by taking part in this study. However, the majority of questions make reference to the Holocaust, which is a complex and challenging subject. Thus, please only complete this survey if you feel comfortable to do so. You can skip questions and exit the survey at any time.

The possible benefits of taking part

This survey is a great opportunity to present your views about the teaching of the Holocaust at GCSE and A Level and will inform our knowledge of what help and support would be of most value to teachers who cover this topic as part of the current specifications.

An important point about withdrawing your responses from the study

Your survey responses will be anonymous. This means your responses cannot be withdrawn from the research (because we will be unable to identify which survey you completed). It also means the Data Protection Privacy Notice doesn’t apply because where data is anonymous the GDPR isn’t relevant.

How your information will be used

Your individual responses are anonymous and confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the UCL Centre of Holocaust Education. We will collate the responses we receive from all the teachers who complete the survey and write a report that gives an overview of the findings. With your permission, we will draw on your answers to inform the content of the report. Sometimes we use short, anonymous quotes to illustrate a point, but we would only do this with your permission.

The report will be sent to the funders of the research and/or included in academic journals and presentations. Increasingly, academic publications are publicly available.

Paper copies of data are kept in secure offices and electronic data are kept on password protected computers and only the research team at the Centre have access to this information. The UCL Research Data Policy states that research data is kept for a minimum of ten years after publication, and then it will be destroyed as confidential waste. Therefore, anonymous survey data uploaded from JISC online surveys will be kept on a UCL database for at least ten years. Your survey responses held in JISC online surveys will be also be deleted from the website at the close of the project.

Further Information

If you have any questions and/or concerns about this study, please contact Helen McCord:  You should also contact Helen if you want to raise a complaint. If your complaint is then not handled to your satisfaction, you can contact the Chair of the UCL IOE Research Ethics Committee:

Many thanks for your interest in this research